Taxi schiphol van en naar Amsterdam voor de scherpste prijs!

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If you wish to calculate the fare to Schiphol or how long the ride will last? Fill in the form below and you’ll instantly know all about the ride and if desired you can immediately make a reservation.

From 5 persons and more there will be €10,- extra on the ticket price calculated due to large transportation.

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Taxi Schiphol

Taxi needed to travel to or from Schiphol Then you are at Schiphol Taxi to the right place for the best taxi fare! Do you want a Schiphol taxi so you can go carefree holidays we will be ready for you. With us you can calculate your fare and the taxi ride at the same reservations. You will be immediately called back to confirm your reservation. It is also possible for us to have ready a Taxi stand at Schiphol for when you return from vacation. Our drivers are all craftsmen. At Schiphol Taxi Group only drivers who perfectly master the Dutch language work. So good, clear communication is at STG obvious.


Taxiprijs within NL

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The best company for a ride to Schiphol. one phone call and I could book a taxi for my holiday. When I returned from Norway, they were neatly waiting at the main entrance of Schiphol me. Excellent service thanks!


—Henk ten Bos

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Is STG only driving from or to Schiphol?
Schiphol Taxi Group operates in the Benelux. We can pick you up anywhere in the Benelux or bring. Whether it is for an important appointment you must be on time, or to or from an airport. We do our best to provide you with the taxi to get. Your time at your destination We use the best rates within the Taxi branch. If you have special needs? Please do contact us. We are happy to assist you.

What should I pay for my taxi ride from eg. Amsterdam Centre to Schiphol? 
Do you want to know in advance what your journey will cost. Fill out the form above and calculate your cab fare to the airport or elsewhere. Do you want to book below immediately? Fill in the remaining fields on the form. It’s that simple. Would you prefer to call to book? Taxi This is possible as we are always there for you.  


Who is Schiphol Taxi Group?
Taxi Schiphol Group is a company that for years people transports to and from various airports in the Benelux. We are also proud of our record. We have decades of experience in the taxi industry, mainly at Schiphol. Our drivers are honest and reliable.

Can we travel as a group to Schiphol?
Obviously, this is possible. In addition to cars, we are also in the possession of taxis. Note that if we have to pick recover costs here the group from different locations due with the extra mileage that we have to drive. We can calculate a price for you soon. For this you can contact us.